Why we do what we do.

We have a passion to help people renew and sustain their child-like movement instincts during all daily activities while at work, at home, or at play.


We recognize in order for anyone to age gracefully, they must “re-learn” how to move better.  Moving better is about effective adaptation to your environment.  To physically adapt well means restoring and sustaining structural and functional integrity of your body.  HUMOMA was created in an effort to blur the line between everyday movement and exercise.


There is growing need for 21st century humans to move well utilizing different movement patterns as they navigate throughout the modern world of convenience.  By moving better and differently you provide your body the essential stimulation required for the normal function of its neurological and biomechanical systems.  We are committed to assisting and guiding you in the development of your movement management practice that will help you achieve optimal overall human performance throughout your life activities.




Moving better is about effective "physical"adaptation to your environment.