What we do, and how we do it.

Bluring the line between exercise and daily movement.


We restore your ability to move better while incorporating various types of movement patterns during all physical activities.  Our focus is on helping you move in accordance with your body's structural design during occupational, leisure, and physical conditioning activities. Doing so restores and sustains the vitality of your muscles, joints, bones, and related connective tissues; and the kinetic response of your nervous system.


We start with learning what your body has experienced up to this point in your life; followed by a comprehensive assessment of how well your body is currently moving. Based upon this subjective and objective information we create a program designed to help you reach and sustain your intended physical movement and performance goals.


Our experience has shown that many well intending individuals enroll in some form of physical conditioning program in an attempt to counteract the effects of the modern world of convenience.  Unfortunately, many of these individuals fail to successfully transfer the attributes of their chosen form of conditioning into their activities of daily living.


We help you to move better by learning what movement management is; and how you can first, recognize and break up the cycle of daily “unconscious” body misuse; and second, cycle and transfer good movement management skills between the gym, the office, and home environments